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Lead Organization

Synchromedia (École de Technologie Supérieure)

The Lead Contractor for the GSN Project is École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), in Montreal. Working with the project leader Dr. Mohamed Cheriet , Director of ETS’ SynchroMedia laboratory, from which the project will be managed.Beyond the overall project management ETS is partly responsible for building the middleware. ÉTS will operate a hydro-powered GreenStar Network node, which will act as cloud manager in the GSN cloud.


Project Participants

Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Climate Change Services

CSA, in Ottawa, assists in the deployment of new technologies to reduce GHG emissions, and helps organizations improve their carbon performance through expert advice, training and public registries. CSA Climate Change currently manages over 50 individual projects through the input of 11 staff based in Ottawa, four based in Cleveland, Ohio and more than 20 project and program managers based in Mississauga, Ontario. CSA will participate in the GSN Project by leading development of the GSN Carbon Measurement Protocol, providing training on ISO 14064, and marketing carbon credits. The GSN protocol will be listed on CSA’s CleanProjects Registry. CSA participation will be led by Dr. Michel Girard, Director, and Dr. Paul Steenhof.


Grid Research Centre (GRC), University of Calgary

The Grid Research Centre (GRC) at the University of Calgary (UoC). Led by GRC Director Dr. Rob Simmonds and Research Fellow Dr. Cameron Kiddle, GRC will lead research on carbon-based management of virtual machine mobility. GRC will also operate a GSN Network node in order to remotely operate & maintain the GeoChronos Network Enabled Platform, relocated from GRC to RackForce.


RackForce Networks Inc

RackForce Networks Inc, in Kelowna B.C., is a commercial operator of green datacenters. Their recently commissioned GigaCentre is hydro powered with geothermal cooling, and built using state-of-the-art energy conservation datacenter design techniques.  Led by Brian Fry, VP Marketing, RackForce cwill contribute their commercial expertise in virtualization, cloud implementation, and metrology, and will provide compute & storage resources for GeoChronos operation, as well as the power measurements required by the project’s ISO 14064 based GSN Carbon Measurement Protocol.


PROMPT Inc, in Montreal, is a non-profit corporation that stimulates industry-university R&D partnerships to increase the competitiveness of the ICT sector in Quebec. Led by Charles Despins, PROMPT  will explore additional funding opportunities and partnerships to further leverage the CANARIE-funded GSN Project.


Cybera Inc

For the last 15 years, Cybera has supported and advanced Alberta’s system of research and product development. Cybera consults on and provides access to data management resources and the latest advancements in computing technologies, including cloud, grid and high performance networking and computing. These technologies enable innovative organizations to investigate ways to pilot or test new software and better manage diverse and distributed data sets. Cybera manages CyberaNet, a high performance network that connects Alberta to CANARIE, Canada’s national research network, and Cybera acts as the prime contractor for the management of WestGrid, a consortium that operates advanced computing resources in support of research. Cybera has offices in Calgary and Edmonton. For the Greenstar Network, Cybera operates a solar-powered GSN node.

Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

UQAM works with ETS on GSN middleware construction. Dr. Cherkaoui’s industry-funded Netvirt project will field virtual network technology into GSN.


iDeal Consulting inc

iDeal Consulting inc

iDeal Consulting , in Ottawa provides project design, integration, coordination, and communication services. iDeal’s experience & expertise includes formation of multidiscipline, cross-sectoral, cross-regional collaborative projects utilizing advanced networks. iDeal will also lead implementation of the GSN international Virtual Organization

Communications Research Centre(CRC)

CRC, in Ottawa, participates in the GreenStar Network by hosting a self-funded off-grid solar-powered node, and by utilizing their extensive experience & expertise in network management and IaaS for GreenStar Network design, implementation & operation. CRC , specialy the Broadband Applications and Optical Networks group  is involved in: specifying, setting up, testing and operating the GSN infrastructure; GSN power metering; the virtualization of GSN resources based on the IaaS Framework including the establishment of LPs across CANARIE with extensions to GSN nodes; the integration, testing and debugging of new software components with the IaaS Software; providing Use Case engineering support; and management, reporting  and demonstrations.  The BADLAB facility, which is well connected to CANARIE, will be used to assemble, configure and test the GSN nodes before they are shipped to their intended locations. 

Inocybe Technologies Inc.

Inocybe assist ETS as project technical lead reference and helps meet the technical deliverables. It will also adapt their solutions to fit the project goals and objectives as off the shelf middleware that can be used in this context. It will also assist any IaaS Framework related work and needs happening under this project.


Associate partners

SigmaCo Inc.

Shanghai Research Center for Wireless Communications (WiCO) is a non-profit organization co-founded by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT), Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (STCSM), Southeast University (SEU) and Changning District Government in November 2003.

i2CAT Foundation

i2CAT Foundation (Barcelona, Spain) a not-for-profit Spanish organization founded by the Technical University of Catalonia and the local government of Catalonia. i2CAT Foundation is an experimental platform for collaboration in research and development of IT projects between the public and private sector. It performs research and innovation projects under the scope of the new generation of Internet. The Network Technologies Group is a research branch of i2CAT is leading international initiatives in the area of network virtualization and network provisioning.



Ireland’s National Education and Research Network(HeaNET), Dublin, Ireland, is providing high quality Internet Services to Irish Universities, Institutes of Technology and the research and educational community, including all Irish primary and secondary schools. HEAnet provides a high-speed national network with direct connectivity for its community to other networks in Ireland, Europe, the USA and the rest of the world. Established in 1984 by the seven major universities with the support of the Higher Education Authority to promote the interchange of information electronically within third level education, HEAnet plays a critical role in establishing Ireland as a global centre of excellence in Internet activity.

Institute of Broadband Technology (IBBT)

Institute of Broadband Technology (IBBT) (Ghent, Belgium) -- an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation. The IBBT team offers companies and organizations active support in research and development. It brings together companies, authorities, and non-profit organizations to join forces on research projects. Both technical and non-technical issues are addressed within each of these projects.

National Digital Research Centre (NDRC)

The NDRC is a consortium of Irish universities with the support of the Irish Government's Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources – is planning to work with HEAnet in Ireland to generate translational research projects that build upon, and are complimentary to, the GSN project.

Energy Sciences Network (ESNet)

Energy Sciences Network is a high-speed network serving thousands of US Department of Energy scientists and collaborators worldwide. A pioneer in providing high-bandwidth, reliable connections, ESnet enables researchers at national laboratories, universities and other institutions to communicate with each other using the collaborative capabilities needed to address some of the world's most important scientific challenges. ESNet's collaboration with GSN,  focus on integration of OSCARS protocol.


Calit2 is conducting research on the future of telecommunications and information technology and how these technologies will transform a range of applications important to the State of California’s economy and its citizens’ quality of life.  Calit2's collaboration with GSN, focuses on the integration & coordination with GreenLight Project (greenlight.calit2.net).





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